Learning Chinese is no longer ridiculously complicated. PinYinPal teaches players to read, recognize, and define Mandarin characters in a fun, simple game.

Pinyin uses letters of the alphabet to spell out traditional Mandarin characters. Challenge your friends to a match by strategically placing your tiles on the board and score the most points. Get more points for correctly identifying the character and definition of the word you just played. (And lose points if you don’t!) Helpful tools, such as an interactive dictionary, enable you to be a competitive opponent from the first move without any previous knowledge of Mandarin.

It’s an exciting game for both native and novice speakers. Over 1 billion people speak and read Mandarin Chinese. Aren’t you ready to be one of them?


  • Truly free app. Ad-free, no gimmicks, no in-app purchases.
  • View the Mandarin characters during gameplay with the tap of a button.
  • Chat with friends in Chinese characters or in English.
  • Word Finder feature helps you find your next word based on the letters you have in your queue.
  • Dictionary feature lets you find the meaning of the word you or your opponent played, look up the Pinyin translation for Chinese into English, and hear the pronunciation of each word.
  • Find friends to challenge on Facebook or Twitter. Share your high scores with all of your friends.

Available for the iPad. Coming soon to the iPhone.